Certificate trading through humus build-up

In the Ökoregion Kaindorf a system for regional and voluntary trading of CO2 certificates has been developed with great effort of all involved.

More and more companies and enterprises show the ambition to take over social responsibility and want to compensate their unavoidable CO2 imprint. The trading with HUMUS+Certificates allows this right on their own doorstep. This concept is now being imitated in many countries (see also Milestones in the development of the HUMUS+Program).

A win-win-win situation for all involved!

A win-win-win-situation for all involved!

Companies can demonstrate their responsibility towards nature and society, while farmers earn an additional income and benefit sustainably and in the long term from the conversion of their farming methods and the associated improvement of their soils. Our society as a whole benefits from active climate protection and the enhancement of local soils, which is directly related to the value of our food.

In detail

HUMUS+ pays farmers a success fee for CO captured in the ground as part of the HUMUS+Program. Companies voluntarily purchase the CO2 quantities bound in the humus and thereby compensate for their unavoidable CO2 emissions. The purchased CO2 quantity is not tradable and is worthless at the end of the compensation period. If the entire non-avoidable CO2 emissions are offset, the company may call themselves "CO2 neutral" for the specified period. This gives companies the opportunity to actively engage in climate protection in the region, for which they are perceived as role models by employees and society.



  • voluntarily compensate their unavoidable CO2 emissions
  • support the regeneration of local agriculture
  • take ecological and social responsibility and position themselves as sustainable role models on the market




  • store CO2 by building up humus and actively protect the climate
  • regenerate the local soils
  • produce regional climate friendly food