Visits from abroad at HUMUS+

Visit of a delegation from the Danube Soya Association from Moldova

The delegation from Moldova had to travel a long way to visit the ecoregion and HUMUS+ at the beginning of July and was personally convinced of the benefits and success of the program on site and in the field.

The visitors, consisting of farmers and representatives of the Danube Soya Association, want to actively store carbon in the soil by building up humus in the future. Furthermore, the association would like to counteract the dependence on soy from overseas and the associated deforestation of primeval forests (Amazon) and the high transport costs by producing European soy.

In addition to the visitors from Moldova, an employee from the province of Styria also took part in the event and took the opportunity to learn more about HUMUS+. The great interest in HUMUS+ shows us that we are on the right track to make a significant contribution to shaping more sustainable agriculture beyond borders.


Visit of Maschinenring Germany

Maschinenring Germany came to learn more about HUMUS+

Several representatives of the Maschinenring Germany came from different regions to find out more about HUMUS+ and to stimulate the transfer of knowledge.