HUMUS+consultant Franz Grötschl




  • Albrechtslehre in connection with biology
  • Pathways and systems ranging from minimal tillage to no-till
  • Possible technical equipment, conversion of the existing technology (often a few adaptations are sufficient)
  • Manure, manure and compost processing to tea and more
  • CULTAN fertilization




I run a dairy farm in eastern Austria with 75 hectares of agricultural land. Since 2010 I have been dealing with striptill and liquid manure processing, since 2015 with Plantinggreen - evergreen system with the trend towards no-till.

I am a member of the Kaindorf Eco-Region, a humus farmer, and a founding member and board member of Boden.Leben. With my colleague Robert Siegmund-Wild from Germany, I have been offering farmer-to-farmer consultations since 2020.

So far I have been able to gain experience with various forms of composting, ferments or compost dressing, as well as liquid manure - processing and injection, mini-till to no-till. Another of my subject areas is the modification of the technology for reduced tillage, which has made me the inventor and user of the system "mech grazing" - BioNotill! Thinking in terms of circulatory systems is very important to me.